EAV or Electro Acupuncture According to Voll can detect extremely small amounts of any type of chemical in a patient; DDT, mercury intoxication, chemical. Additionally, extremely sensitive allergy testing can be done.

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EAV or Electro Acupuncture According to Voll


EAV began in France in the 1940s with a doctor named Roger de la Feu.  Dr. de la Feu began experiments with skin conductivity and found there are points on the body more electrically conductive than others.  These points, for the most part turned out to be acupuncture points.  In 1953 a German medical doctor named Reinhold Voll became intrigued with de la Feu’s research and explained it.

All the acupuncture points are connected by lines of force, like wires, that are called meridians.  Voll and his colleagues mapped the correlation between conductive points on the skin and internal organs, organ systems and bodily functions.  Their starting point was their knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, specifically acupuncture.  Acupuncture has developed over the last 5000 years.  During this period of time, specific points on the body were mapped as being responsive to disease and therapy.  Groups of acupuncture points are connected along fourteen major pathways called meridians.  With the exception of the Governing and Conception Meridians, each of these meridians begins and ends on a finger or toe.  Each meridian is connected to one major organ form which it drives its name, such as the Liver Meridian and the Stomach Meridian.  The Heart Meridian, for example, ends on the tip of your middle finger, at an exact point beside the finger nail.  If you inject a radioactive dye in this exact point it will trace a line to the heart.  If you miss that point by a fraction of an inch, the dye will go no where.  For every organ there is a point on the end of one of the fingers or toes.  Is this any different than reflexology or iridology?  This is Wholistic Medicine, the “Whole” being more than the sum of its parts.

These points, at the end of the meridians give off a current of a very particular frequency, impedance and amplitude, depending on the organ involved. Everything vibrates at a particular, very precise, frequency.  Acid based balance affects all of this.

If you hold an electrode, a metal contact point, not a needle, on the point at the end of the Heart Meridian, or any meridian, it will give off a signal that is either low (a degenerative condition or low energy condition of that organ) or it will be normal or it will be high (an inflammatory condition).  This can be done for all organs of the body and more, in a very short time.

Then, if you find an organ that has low energy, for example, you can insert a medicine contained in a vial into that circuit which consists of the patient, the medicine and the machine.  If the machine vibrates at the same frequency as the weak signal being tested, synchronizes, harmonizes, literally, electronically, with the low signal from the weak organ, the amplitude or strength of the signal will get higher as the two frequencies will superimpose and add together.  Then you know that what is in the vial is the right medicine for that organ, for that patient.

All these ‘Vibrational Testing Techniques’ are similar and are based on the idea of the tester (person and machine – EAV machine, pendulum whatever) coming into resonance with the test subject. The tester must thus be highly sensitive, must be very good at maintaining a neutral state and must be able to register the vibrational changes of the test person. Radionics is the most sophisticated of these techniques.

EAV and the rest have the additional advantage of being highly sensitive.  EAV for example can detect extremely small amounts of any type of chemical in a patient; DDT, mercury intoxication, chemical.  Also, extremely sensitive allergy testing can be done.  Fine-materials testing as this is called cannot be performed on many people, since they have masking disorders such as amalgam intoxication, dental foci or toxic blockages.  For the same reason, these patients cannot usually be treated homeopathically or isopathically, their blockades have to be broken up and detoxified first, before pleomorphism and its medicines or any medicines.  This is what Base Powder and diet change are for.

-Euro-American Health

Dennis L. Myers, Ret.

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